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Dromintee Primary School, Killeavy

Mathletics Hall of Fame week 5

22nd May 2020

Congratulations once again this week to all in who participated in Mathletics tasks this week! 91 pupils accessed their Mathletics accounts to complete tasks.  Next week just to make our Top Ten a little different and hopefully allow different pupils the opportunity to make the list:  We will be celebrating the Top Two in Each Class from P2-P7! Remember Mrs Mc Keown has a great selection of outdoor toys for the Prize draw taking place in a few weeks time so to be in with a chance to win something your must either be awarded a Gold certificate (from 19th April) or appear in a Hall of Fame list.

There was only one Gold certificate this week awarded to Amarah Kenny. Congratulations for your consistent practice that has earned this award for you Amarah! Remember you can print off your certificate at home if you like.
Class log in details for this week:
P2 = 14 pupils active this week
P3 = 13 pupils active this week
P4 = 20 pupils active this week
P5 = 14 pupils active this week
P6 = 10 pupils active this week
P7 = 20 pupils active this week
Once again well done to the P4 and P7 classes for their dedication to using Mathletics as part of their Home Learning!
I really appreciate all the time you have taken to complete your Mathletics tasks!

Class teachers have also spent a lot of time selecting Problem Solving and Reasoning tasks for each pupil to attempt. You can access these problems once you have completed your set tasks. Go into the EXPLORE section and you will find all of these problems waiting for you to solve!

I also wish to thank Daithi and Eibhleann for their Mathletics interview during the week. I'm so glad I didn't jinx their winning streak!

Finally this week we congratulate our Top Ten Mathletics Hall of Fame pupils:

Amarah Kenny P4

Daithi Hughes P4

Layla Briggs P4

Jack Mathews P7

Eibhleann Hughes P7

Tony Winters P7

Grace Conlon P6

Emmett Mullen P7

Emma Harris P2

Ryan Toale P2

Congratulations to this week's Top Ten! Great to see two new names featured in our Top Ten and a very special congratulations to the pupils who are consistently featured in our Top Ten Hall of Fame Leaderboard.
If you didn't make the Top Ten list this week perhaps you might make the Top Two in each class next week.

It's still not too late to start using Mathletics! Remember if you have forgotten your username or password please get in touch. (please phone the new school number or send me an email:

Stay safe and take care,
Mrs Mc Ardle